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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Canadian Book Advent Calendar (Day 22) - "V" is for Vanderhaeghe and Vassanji

For this year’s advent calendar, I am recommending Canadian authors/books found on Schatje’s Shelves.  Again, to make things more interesting/challenging, I will use the alphabet, skipping “X” and “Z”.  In total, I propose to focus on 50 Canadian writers, an early nod to Canada's 150th birthday next year.

“V” is for Guy Vanderhaeghe
Vanderhaeghe is a Canadian novelist and short story writer, best known for his Western novels trilogy.

Novels (which I recommend):

The Englishman's Boy  (winner of 1996 Governor-General’s Award)
The Last Crossing (winner of 2004 Canada Reads)
A Good Man (nominated for 2011 Giller Prize)   See my review at


“V” is for M. G. Vassanji
The focus of Vassanji's work is the situation of East African Indians who emigrate to Europe, Canada, or the United States and  how the lives of his characters are affected by these migrations.

Novels (which I recommend):

The Book of Secrets (winner of 1994 Giller Prize)
The In-Between World of Vikram Lall (winner of 2003 Giller Prize)
The Assassin's Song (shortlisted for 2007 Giller Prize, Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize and Governor-General’s Award)