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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Beauty of Library Investment

I’ve written about the importance of libraries before, most recently on August 13 (  Since my local library is now closed, I was interested in an article in The Atlantic which stated that “there’s empirical evidence that usage tracks investment. If libraries receive more public funds, more people use them. . . . The correlation between investment and use makes sense. If libraries have more funds, they can have more staff, more classes, more copies of the latest bestseller, and—maybe most importantly—longer hours” (

I’ve also posted about beautiful libraries around the world:
The Library of Parliament in Ottawa and the Vancouver Public Library have both made lists of the world’s most beautiful libraries, so I was pleased that another Canadian library has made the list.  The Halifax Library has been added to the list of beautiful new libraries built in the last few years:

Though not all libraries can make a list of the world’s most beautiful, all libraries are important community resources.  “If you build it [and fund it properly], [they] will come!”