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Monday, August 15, 2016

Book Readers Live Longer!

A study conducted by Yale University researchers has concluded that readers live longer.  Overall, the researchers calculated that book reading (but not necessarily newspapers, magazines or other sources of written material) was associated with an extra 23 months of survival.

“Previous studies have suggested reading is beneficial for mood, sleep and may even help delay Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive conditions, but the new study extends the benefits of reading to the rest of the body, researchers say”  (

“The researchers found that people who read books showed stronger cognitive abilities, like recall and counting backwards—skills that, combined with reading, showed a positive relationship with living longer. Avni Bavishi, the master’s student who led the study, believes it’s the deep engagement required by the narrative and characters of fiction, and the length of both fiction and nonfiction books, that increases cognitive skills and therefore extends lives” (

“Perhaps the news will encourage even more people to head to their local library or book store and get into books again. But for readers who already can’t wait to get cozy with a new book—or share their recommendations with other bookworms—there are plenty of other reasons to read. Whether it extends the life or not, reading extends the world of information and imagination, turning the act of reading itself into its own reward” (

Live to read and read to live.