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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Some Reading for Americans Wanting to Move to Canada if Donald Trump Becomes President

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about Americans moving to Canada if Donald Trump becomes President.   

A cheeky website called "Cape Breton if Trump Wins" has been launched, pitching the lovely Nova Scotian island as a place of refuge should Donald Trump take the White House:    

I just read a humourous article in The New Yorker by Calvin Trillin who imagines the difficulties he might encounter should he choose to immigrate to Canada:
I also came across another tongue-in-cheek article entitled, “How to Move to Canada If Trump Wins, By a Person Who Moved to Canada When Bush Won”:

Now there’s even a list of book suggestions for people thinking of becoming expatriates.  Tobias Carroll wrote “6 Books for Everyone Threatening to Move to Canada” for Signature:  “A number of fantastic books have been written by those who, by choice or political necessity, spent an abundance of time away from their place of birth. Distance from one’s homeland can be a powerful muse for a writer.”   See for the list of “notable books following the lives of people who’ve ventured far afield from the place where they began.”