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Monday, August 17, 2015

All That THIS Book Lover Wants in Life . . .

A list of what a book lover wants in life has been making the rounds on various social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).  I decided to make my own list:

1.     Books
2.     Time to read books
3.     Books
4.     A library with shelves and shelves of books (but with some room for more)
5.     Books
6.     A comfy chair to read books
7.     Books
8.     Money to buy more books
9.     Books
10.   A partner who supports my love of reading and books
11.   Books
12.   A reading lamp to allow for comfortable reading of books
13.   Books
14.   A cozy quilt (preferably handmade just for me) for comfort when reading books
15.   Books
16.   Friends with whom to discuss books
17.   Books
18.   A cup of tea or a cappuccino or a glass of wine or a glass of Bailey’s (depending on my mood)         to drink while reading books
19.   Books
20.   Godiva chocolates to nibble on while reading books
21.   Books
22.   Appropriate music to listen to while reading books
23.   Books
24.   A never-ending list of recommended books
25.   Books

Hmmm . . . I think I have all of these – though, of course, I could always use more of #8.